If you do a lot of travelling or like to eat out fairly frequently then it could be a reason why you are finding it hard to make progress in your fitness goals and quite possibly it will cause you to fatten up. It is almost impossible to eat healthy when you dine out, UNLESS you use a few simple tricks to make every restaurant meal healthier, reduce calories and not lose control!!

Here's a few tips you can use to eat healthier and stay lean while travelling or eating out any time for that matter...

The 3 most important things to avoid that are EVERYWHERE at resaurants are;
  • the deep fried foods
  • the refined starchy foods
  • any sodas, juices or other sugary foods (except whole fruit, they are all good!!)
This eliminates the major food sources that does the WORST damage to our food supply and our bodies..the evil trans fats, the inflammatory refined vegetable oils, refined starches and processed sugars.

This means trying to skip the table bread, skipping the french fries (that come with every single sandwich on every menu known to man), and reducing all of the heaping portions of rice and pasta that are often loaded on the plates as well.

Instead, try to order just meat, side vegetables, and a salad, asking for the vegetables or salad as a substitute for the typical fries, rice, or pasta that the meal probably comes with.

Wait ... I know you are probably thinkning. "oh here we go", the same old story, cut out everything nice. but think about it. They are not nice, not to your body. People willl say, ah go on, it wont hurt ya! But it's those same people who are struggling with weight and have tried "everything" but can't make progress.

I'm all for moderation with many things, but if there's 2 things that should be almost totally removed from everyone's diet because these foods are simply that evil... it's fries and sodas!

Take a look at the typical difference this simple substitution makes between choosing smart and doing what most people do...

Most people will eat a meal out such as this:

  • Sandwich or burger
  • fries or chips
  • soda or other sweetened drink

A MUCH smarter alternative for a leaner, healthier body is very simply this:

  • Sandwich or burger
  • veggies or salad
  • unsweetened iced tea or water with lemon (and no diet drinks -- unless you enjoy drinking carcinogenic poisonous artificial sweetener chemicals)
These 2 simple substitutions save at least 400 - 900 calories EACH time you dine out (depending on drink refills and fries portion sizes)... AND you're cutting out the most harmful foods to your body as well by avoiding the trannies and high fructose corn syrup.

Side note:  a little-known way to eat full portions of rice, pasta, and breads and actually get away with it without packing on the bodyfat is to make sure to schedule a high intensity full body resistance training workout before your scheduled meal time.

Sometimes it may be hard to fit the workout into your schedule right before the meal event, but if you can, the meal can be your "post-workout meal", in which case, your body can handle a higher amount of carbs than normal to help replenish the muscle glycogen depletion you had during the intense workout.

A cardio-workout WON'T cut it for this... it must be high intensity resistance training to deplete enough muscle glycogen to handle restaurant portions of carbohydrates.

I hope these tips help. And I hope you learn to choose healthier the next time you eat out!

Until the next time

Live Fit