Do you find it hard to make time for training?
Well listen up.

Not every session has to drag out for hours or even an hour. Some times when you think you have no time to get to the gym a quick, intense half hour routine can be just as good when it is carefully planned to get the most from your session.

In fact to change up your whole routine why not try 6 half hour sessions one week and 3 one hour sessions the folloing week.
It keeps your body guessing and having to constantly shock itself to adapt to these changes in intensity and leaves you making more and more gains.

There are actually very intense 5 minute sessions that someone can do if they are really pressed for time.

Also you can always grab a quick session at home with a few dumbells and something to step on. And your personal trainer can train you at home and save you a gym membership.

The options are there people. Get moving!!