Hey guys,

I'm sure you have all heard by now that having too much sugar in your diet is bad for you and eating all those processed junks foods are bad for you too, right?but why and how does it make you store fat?

I am going to try and explain this as simply as I can so everyone can understand why sugar is going to reverse your fat burning efforts.

Sugar and Fat Storage

So, when you take on a lot of sugar especially from junk food it causes the levels of sugar in your blood to increase, sometimes to the point of spiking (very high).

If your body has loads of sugar at its disposable then your brain will tell your body.."Whoa, why are you using fat for energy when there is plenty of sugar there, store that fat until we run out of sugar"
And as such your body will store the fat so long as its getting the sugar rush!!

Now when all this sugar is in your blood stream your body reacts and tries to reduce it. It does this by releasing insulin. The insulin tries to extract enough sugar so there is a healthy balance in the bloodstream. But when there is so much sugar coming in, the body is flushed with a whole lot of insulin,dropping the sugar levels. And because all this insulin has just been used to combat the increased blood sugar, the amount in your body drops below normal levels.

So you get tired (from low insulin levels) and start craving more sugar filled junk food (from low sugar levels). And the vicious circle keeps repeating itself. All the while your body is constantly storing that stubborn fat that you dont want.

Sugar and Diabetes

The next step in this downward spiral can lead to diabetes. Basically, Insulin sits on cells stimulating the cell to let sugar in. Now when that cell is full the insulin is told to stop letting sugar in but because it is the job of insulin to extract sugar from the blood stream and with nowhere for the sugar to go the insulin is thrown completely out of whack!!! So imagine this happens over and over again from eating sugar rich foods, eventually your insulin response and sensitivity is gonna be so screwed up, you are gonna need help. And so your doctor will diagnose you with diabetes.

Don't be scared. Make the change today. Eat healthy and stay fit

Until the next time