Are you trying to lose weight?..but struggling to get any results.

Lets a take look at what you can do to help you on your road to fat loss.

I say fat loss and not weight loss because you dont want to lose muscle mass just that stubborn body fat.

  1. its not all about doing endless hours of cardio in order to burn fat, equally as important are resistance exercises. Whole body workouts that use as much muscles as possible in a single repitition are great for burning calories and boosting the metabolic rate.
  2. cardio exercise wont burn as many calories AFTER the workout as much as a fully body routine would.
  3. also in any program it is best to keep rest to a minimum. keep the body moving, keep burning fat.
  4. Interval training on the treadmill, cross trainer or rowing machine are of much greater benefit than just a monotonous continuous speed. It keeps the body alert and constantly giving it a shock to keep burning fuel i.e. fat

A very important part to fat loss is DIET. Now i know a lot of you reading this are going "im sick of reading that i have to change my diet or go on some extreme diet like atkins etc"

you don't. small changes can help. cut back on the sweets and deep fried foods. deep fried foods are the biggest sources of trans fats which are the most evil things you can put in your body.
Think of it this way, if you work hard at training and your diet, then give yourself a little treat. At the weekend treat yourself to a little something extra. This will give you some thing to aim for, knowing its not all bad and that you get a reward at the end of the week for all your hard work