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Top 3 foods to AVOID at a restaurant.

Posted by micheal hogan on Wednesday, April 20, 2011, In : Obstacles to fat loss 

If you do a lot of travelling or like to eat out fairly frequently then it could be a reason why you are finding it hard to make progress in your fitness goals and quite possibly it will cause you to fatten up. It is almost impossible to eat healthy when you dine out, UNLESS you use a few simple tricks to make every restaurant meal healthier, reduce calories and not lose control!!

Here's a few tips you can use to eat healthier and stay lean while travelling or eating out any time for that matt...
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Preventing Cancer; Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity

Posted by micheal hogan on Sunday, April 3, 2011, In : Your Health 

The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has estimated that 30-40% of cancer is preventable, over time, by appropriate food and nutrition, regular physical activity and avoidance of obesity.

Following a review of research from across the globe, the WCRF has made a few key recommendations:

Body Weight - be as lean as possible
  • Maintain your weight within the normal range for your height.
  • Avoid weight gain and an increase in your waist measurement
Physical Activity
Be physically active as part of everyd...
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