Hey everyone,

So just before Christmas, I suffered a bad injury to my right knee. It was an injury I originally picked up about 5 years ago playing rugby at college. At the time I just received physiotherapy and eventually got back on track to regular fitness. However, without surgery I had to accept the fact that my sporting career was finished.

Anyway, just before christmas I was teaching a circuit class and out of nowhere my knee buckled. That was the final straw. For the industry I was in I needed to get it fixed. Youth was on my side. The injury itself was one made to the ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament in the knee. It is one of the most common injuries experienced by athletes. A tear or rupture occurs when the ligament is forced to try and deal with an impact of which it is ill-equipped. It is usually an impact that comes in from the side or else landing from a jump.

When the ligament is damaged beyond repair, then a reconstruction is called for. This means that the old, damaged ligament is removed and replaced with a new ligament. But where do they get the new ligament? From your hamstring.
A piece of your hamstring tendon is removed, folded over and pulled through the knee as the new ligament. This is all done through arthroscopy or "key-hole" surgery. Recovery time is about 6 months.

So thats where I have been these past few months, trying to get back on my feet (literally). I am keeping a diary of the rehab and I am currently on week 4 post op (5 months to go). So if you have any questions or comments feel free to post below.

Back in action